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Potential shares Shoes did not reach requirements, signing players may refuse to wear Xiaoxiang Morning: Have you ever Description: sports market have to buy blue chip stocks, but many Chinese brands, are buying high-priced cheap to sell. Do you think this situation still exist? Pan Jianhua: I can only regret to say that such things are still staged. Domestic enterprises, policy makers may consider more of a short-term one brand marketing, it will choose some already famous athletes to sign. However, due to the international brand top players have been signed away, leaving only second-tier Chinese brand or the star had gas, so even spent a considerable price, it is difficult to achieve the best purpose. Xiaoxiang Morning: It is said that you had signed up more than one hundred children with similar Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang finally wait out one. This is not risky? Pan Jianhua: Indeed, Liu Xiang is not the best result, it was Nike signed, then they very small, not well-known, low cost contract, so tell them to sign a "captive" of the contract, Generally that is long-term contracts, such as five years, and the like. Therefore, from the very young athletes to sign him, the cost is not high. For international brands, the experience often allow them to choose who will draw the line very accurate, signed 100 new people for money, to be better than a second-tier players. Tag : Nike,NIKE cheap sale,Nike Shoes Clearance,Men Women's Shoes,NIKE boots
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